Medical/Cosmetic/Beauty/Therapy/Physio, " $9,000 GST per month " The clinic is a registered D1 listed space with Lambeth Council and so applicable to host a wide variety of medical treatments and professions. It would suit a variety of health practitioners including but not limited to psychologists, counsellors, allied health practitioners, cosmetic injectibles, nurses, kinesiologists etc. The space accommodates up to 35 people, has acoustic installation along with sound dampening, and versatile lighting. -Waiting Area Affordable, flexible modern spaces for therapists and practitioners. Clinic rooms for rent Mount Barker Clinic space for health practioner. Situated in a courtyard just on the outskirts of the town centre. Office and workspaces with a variety of capacities in which to undertake administrative tasks. Rental options are - spacious hair/beauty salon with two hair stations, a backwash, space for a na, LASH TECH | BEAUTY ROOM FOR RENT in our NEW SALON STUDIO K I N Z A We initially had 2 Beauty Rooms but we have currently assigned a highly experienced & training aesthetics practitioner to one so now we are looking for Non Aesthetic related treatment providers within the beauty industry, preferably Lash Techs because we currently get asked a, Shaw Therapy Centre has 5 rooms (3 ground floor, 2 first floor) ideally suited to a range of therapy providers. We have rooms in the Nepean Health Hub, North Shore Health Hub and the Sydney CBD so seeing patients all over Sydney is easy. We would envisage a high ra. VAT No. Whether you need a space for a few hours or a few days get in touch, come in and see us and have a chat. Waiting area. You dont have to do independent alone. Newly renovated, quality therapy rooms and medical practice space set in a 1920's character house with garden setting in Merivale, Christchurch. Practitioners are welcome to make changes to the room during their useandbring equipment suitable for their treatments into the clinic as long as it is returned to how it was found afterwards. contemporary design, state-of-the-art ergonomic furniture. Clinic Room to rent Oxford, Oxfordshire Room to let in High Street clinic. ClinicalSpaces is modern, clean, and comfortable. Not all features are available in every apartment. The room suitable for a Nail, Therapy rooms now available for rent at Oxford Place, Leeds City Centre. Would suit most practi, Attention Medical Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals! intercomm system Access to kitchen area/staff room Free parking on main roads Other Date available: 01 Mar 2023 1,000pm 2 days ago 3 Beauty & Aesthetics clinical room Dalkeith, Midlothian Currently has a hydraulic treatment couch in it. . Our rates start at $120 per day in, Allied health suit office consulting space, Individual room for lease - Rate is $150 GST daily per room with minimal two days. Tuesday, 9 February 2021 Room For Rent The practice is located in West Perth in a lovely . The building has secured undercover, RENT A ROOM/ Commercial space/office/shop for rent in Brisbane, "Attention Corporate Beauty Businesses! We are a one-stop cosmetic clinic located in Brisbane, and we are excited to announce that six treatment rooms are now available for rent in our new store in Annerley, opening in July 2023. Ideally located for Huddersfield town Freedom to use the room between 8am and 8pm All inclusive rate, no extra bills to pay Staff room facilities, intercom and seating facilities. With a waiting room for clients, wheelchair access, plenty of on-street parking, and easy access to the M62. 3. Perfect for medical or allied health professionals who are looking to establish their practice in a central location in Wellington. Practitioners are responsible for their own equipment whilst on the premises. Looking for a room to rent or sublet, $800/month. Room would suit: Psychologist/Counseller, Naturopath, Dietition, Massage Therapist, and more, 83 Sqft. We have various sizes to suit your needs. With a new venue on the World-renowned and prestigious Harley Street. Move Health South Melbourne have an upstairs, light filled clinic room to rent, available 7 days a week. Close to town centre location. Flexible options for clinic room rental are available from half days, full days to full week, with a sliding scale of rent. For more days, Negotiable pending on terms and suitable clinicians. Zuto Large therapy room Lane Cove, Sydney. Currently has a hydraulic treatment couch in it. Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of CarMoney Limited who spacious reception area. The space is perfect for yoga, The space was quiet, spacious, affordable, good WiFi, good equipment. Great bus route from the town centre or just 10 minutes from the motorway. These provide an infection controlled environment to undertake a variety of examinations, with either single side access or all-round access to couches. ADDRESS. Please view our clinic room for rent prices and inclusions in the tables below. are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 674094. Each room has it's own video access system with a communal waiting area. Beautiful listed building with modern first floor En Suite room for rent. Town centre location. These provide clinical preparation, treatment and recovery facilities. The health centre has been specifically designed to bring together high-quality health practitioners from various fields to work synergistically. Sydney City, NSW. They are available for rent to qualified, insured and passionate Complementary practitioners, medical practitioners, and aesthetics. Looking for a fully-equipped therapy room to rent in Central London? All rooms come fully equipped with electric couches, desk, storage and chairs. The support of other practitioners & great cross referral possibilities would make this a great opportunity for the right practitioner. Wellshare is a co-working space for health professionals. Examination rooms are bookable on a sessional basis. Disabled and wheelchair friendly. Looking for a room for an hour, month or a year, use filters to search for a wide variety of rooms in different locations. Therapy spaces in New York average $50 per hour to rent, but its easy to spend less or more depending on what youre looking for. Run your clinic with ease from a fully-equipped private treatment room for rent, and get all the support of a business incubator and thriving professional community. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. $4,400/mo. Privacy Notice, The room would suit beauty therapist, microblading practitioner, medical professional, alternative therapist, hypnotherapist etc.. WE ARE NOT LOOKING TO RENT THE ROOM OUT TO AESTHETIC PRACTITIONERS OFFERING DERM, Fully refurbished rooms, this is an opportunity for a turnkey business in a box. 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The room is available every day except Wednesday. town times watertown, ct obituaries,
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